At some stage in their business growth, the business owner starts to feel like they need help running the day to day of their business. Often they initially make the mistake of hiring a ‘junior’ staff member, but the best way to hire in an organisation is from the top down. That is, find your right hand woman or man first, your General Manager, and then have them hire those that are needed following that. As the owner, you are the goalmaker, the visionary, the ‘firestarter’. What you need at this stage is a steady hand to keep the ship sailing in the direction you point.

In today’s economy there is an enormous amount of experienced and mature help available in the form of skilled managers. There are approximately 80,000 to 100,000 mature aussies looking for work right now.

Some of these will suit the role of General Manager in your business as you grow. Their wisdom, experience dealing with people and steady hand can give you exactly what you need.

And Silver & Wise is also right here to help support this hire and transition. Through our ‘S&W Senior Leadership’ program, we can equip your chosen candidate with exactly the right balance of knowledge and understanding to ensure they will be a successful GM for you. Someone to look after your business day to day, whilst you continue to set the strategic direction, consider your expansion goals, and maybe also have a chance to take a breather now and then – something only a small business owner can know is a precious opportunity.

Ask us about the Silver & Wise Senior Leaders program today.

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