Our first season of 13 episodes from late 2017 is available at these locations.

In each episode we interview either an acknowledged author and expert in one of the
8 skills every mature business owner needs or we delve into the story and inspiration
of a mature entrepreneur – someone who started their first business in their 40’s and

Series 2 will commence mid 2018.

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Series 1 Episodes

  1. Strategy and Leadership and why business owners get it wrong – Guest Jennifer Trethewey
  2. Are you really productive or just really busy – Guest Cholena Orr
  3. Why getting others to talk about you is a good thing – Jules Brooke
  4. Finding a niche is the path to success – Katrina Koo McCarter
  5. How awesome are mature age aussies? –
  6. If you hate sales, you’ll love this – Frances Pratt
  7. Have you got your customer in mind? – Tim Reid
  8. Putting a little style back into time – Kate Christie
  9. Stinky teenagers and burying mandarins – Carolyn Palliardi and Helen Andrew
  10. Get your quality on – Felicity Hamilton
  11. Unscramble your numbers – Amanda Fisher
  12. Be ready for Change – Kylee Fitzpatrick
  13. Managing People – Natasha Hawker