My social media isn’t working. What should I do?

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The first part of the answer to this is a question back to you. Should you even be on social media for your product?

There are two things that make marketing in any channel – including social media.

The first is – who are you talking to?

The second is – what are you saying to them?

The first requires you to be sure your ideal customer is on the social media you are communicating on, and that they use that channel as part of their decision making process in regards to buying your product or service.

The second is all about messages and buttons. People respond to messages which are encoded with the buttons or things they care about in relation to that product. In simple terms, imagine a product was purchased because it was safe. If you didn’t mention safety at all in your advertising, it would be unlikely someone will buy it from you because it is leather, or pretty, or lasts a long time. The thing they care about is safety, so you need to show them your product or service delivers on that purchase need.

The way to find out what people care about is to survey them.

Once you know why, how and where they research, compare and buy your products and services – you’ll be in a better position to make your social media or any marketing channel for that matter – WORK.

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