I’m ready to hire staff, what do I do first?

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Before you even think about hiring staff, you need a plan for the organisation of your business.

Most businesses start with one employee – the owner – and you do everything.

When you start hiring staff, you’re splitting up the tasks in the business and sharing the load with someone else.

A good plan is to hire executives first. A lot of people make the mistake of hiring ‘help’ instead of hiring ‘expansion’.

It makes sense to break jobs in a business into ‘departments’ and you’ll be familiar with these – like marketing, finance, sales etc.

It also makes good sense to employ the person you want to run that department first, don’t hire the assistant first because you’ll inevitably spend all your time training them and checking on them.

Instead hire say a sales executive who can immediately start bringing in new business – who knows their job – and then get them to hire their own assistants later on when revenue allows for it.

Whoever you hire, however you need these three things:

  • A job description for the role you are hiring
  • A way to measure and manage the performance of the person
  • A briefing for them of your goals and aspirations in your business and an orientation to your business and the area you are located in.
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