S&W Business Owners Program

The Silver & Wise Business Ownership Program is a program like no other.

As you progress through this program, you’ll notice how practical and pragmatic it is. You will be just as likely to be asked to schedule a time in your weekly diary to handle finances as you are to be asked to write an essay on what you’ve learned about managing people.

The program isn’t about getting a ‘passing grade’ – it is about whether or not you can learn and apply the simple, concise and straightforward tools and checklists and procedures that we will teach you.

The systems and checklists and tools are designed to be the basics of what you will need to run a successful business, and nothing else.

We’re passionate about helping you start and run a successful business in your 40’s and beyond. And seeing that this allows you to have a secure financial future for you and your family.

We want you to not only complete our program, but become a member of an alumni of mature age business owners, who are role models for others, successful in their own estimation, and prospering in life.

If you’re ready to begin, we’re ready to take the journey with you.

Our Basics of Business Ownership Course includes a copy of the book “Generation Experience” and over 50 practical exercises to get you started on the journey of business ownership.

Our Advanced Business Ownership Program is by invitation only. This comprehensive programs includes a full one day workshop in a small group of likeminded individuals followed by online learning in 8 different modules. You’ll also receive access to a significant library of information and 6 months free membership of our Silver & Wise Alumni.

Coached versions of the this program are available where you get six months of coaching as you do the course.

There is also a full TURNKEY version where one of our team will act as your COO (chief operating officer) for 6 months to help set up your business with business plans, marketing plans, branding, business names, structures and more.

More information on these is available direct from Silver & Wise.

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About the Founder

Hunter Leonard is the founder and CEO of Silver&Wise. He has a reputation for providing workable and effective marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Having worked with over 500 clients in 20 different industries including Bluescope Steel, NAB, Bendigo Bank, Melbourne Brick and many more. Hunter is the author of six books on marketing, communication and business ownership. Hunter is a 6 times winner of AMI Marketing Excellence Awards as well as being a Certified Practising Marketer.