Our Founder, Hunter Leonard has been featured in National Print, On TV and on Radio multiple times over the past 10 years.

He is also interviewed regularly for business magazines and press.

Here’s a recent interview on our passion for mature age entrepreneurs on Business Essentials

Hunter writes fortnightly for the following publications:

SMALLVILLE – Over 20 articles since 2017

Smallville is one of Australia’s most popularsites for business owners to get tips and tricks from over 200 specialist contributors.

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WYZA – Over 6 Articles since 2018

WYZA has close to 300,000 subscribers who are highly engaged with the information and content provided on this mature age focussed site.

Silver & Wise have partnered with WYZA to promote our articles, books, workshops and online learning programs for aspiring mature business owners.

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Here is a small selection of the media we’ve appeared in since 2009:


Hunter participated in a phone interview with this long running and popular radio show on the topic of Starbucks. This case study offers a great vehicle for helping business owners understand the importance of positioning in business and how understanding the needs of your customers can lead to great success.


Hunter Leonard was interviewed by Senior Journalist Nick Etchells on why Starbucks failed to position themselves for success in the Australian market, and why the new Australian owners need to be careful not to repeat the mistake.


Along with several other well-known marketing and PR experts (including Siimon Reynolds), Hunter was selected to provide tips for readers on their marketing.

The Age Newspaper

Valerie Khoo, author and journalist interviewed Hunter on his tips for marketing. She also attended his workshops in Sydney in 2009, prompting a second article on how approachable Hunter’s expertise was, and why he was the ‘real deal’ when it comes to marketing strategy, not some fly by night expert.

Dynamic Business

Hunter wrote a summary of his book and the 10 tips for business owners on marketing for this niche business publication in 2009.

Sky News

Hunter appeared on the Sky News book show to promote his first book – Marketing has No Off Switch and to provide some tips and advice
to business owners.

Sunday Telegraph

Hunter’s 10 tips for marketing your small business appeared in the Sunday Telegraph

Courier Mail

Hunter’s Tips on Marketing your business appeared in the Courier Mail

Aust Post Priority Magazine

In Chris Sheedy’s article, Hunter was the featured expert in helping small business owners consider the best way to improve their marketing. He also helped one small business owner – a winery – look at cost effective ways to get their name out there in the market.


Hunter was a featured guest on this program interviewed by Tony Delroy and talking with small business owners about marketing to help them promote their businesses in a more effective way. This article also featured questions relating to Hunter’s Book – Marketing has no off switch.

Listen to the interview here