At Silver & Wise, we take our purpose very seriously. Our mission is to create successful business owners through our books, workshops, learning programs and advocacy.

That is our core passion, promise and purpose all rolled into one.

Beyond that however, we have also always been passionate about giving to our community through a range of donations of time and money. We have our chosen charities and organisations and direct our donations to these.

In addition, we have embedded the concept of giving into all we do in the business. We make donations through B1G1 to education and water projects every time we sell a book, program or workshop.

And we select our business partners carefully based on their broader community purposes. Yes, they have to deliver the service or product we’re buying, but when all else is equal we choose suppliers and partners who also give in some way.

So far, we’ve generated close to 20,000 Days of Impact to community projects through B1G1, and through our partnerships made another 180,000 Impact Days possible.

We invite you to consider the purpose of your business as you start it, and also what impact you want to make with your business beyond the BAU(business as usual) of being profitable and sustainable.