Genex # 8 – Client Service

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Welcome to the eighth article in our Business Ownership Series

In this article, I’m going to cover the skill of client service.

Many businesses are great at making promises. But often they fall down on delivering on these promises. Something doesn’t get done, or the product or service doesn’t meet the expectations of the client.

So what are the keys to great client service?

Well they are relatively simple in theory, and sometimes tougher in reality.

But here are the three areas you need to be across as the business owner:

1.   Scheduling of production – one key area businesses get into trouble is capacity and timing. They make the promises then realise they don’t have enough resources to actually deliver on every promise. And so they make choices and someone(a client) misses out. Other times, business owners are just simply disorganized – they focus on doing stuff, but it isn’t the right stuff and they have no visibility on what is needed to be delivered and when. So they are always on the back foot. Put in place a work in progress system and cover it regularly with your team and you’ll be more aware of the demands on your capacity

2.   Production – once you’ve scheduled production, you then have to get stuff done. So make sure yourself or your team is running off the production schedule you set in your meeting, and check regularly to ensure it is all on track.

3.   Delivering – it sounds simple but the actual step of delivering the product or service in line with promises is often missed by business. So you don’t just make a product or deliver a service and hope for the best. You have to take the extra step of checking it before delivery and ensuring it actually does meet what was promised. It’s easier to do this than sending out and waiting for a complaint and then having to do what you should have done before you delivered it. A key step in checking delivery is actually checking/surveying the client to ensure the delivered product or service met or exceeded their expectation. Don’t wait, find out right at the point of delivery and you’ll never be in mystery about whether you’re on track or not.

Delivery on your promises is probably the most critical thing in business. It’s a keystone or lynchpin around which you can build a successful business with a great reputation for doing what you said you would.

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