Genex # 7 – Managing Quality

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Welcome to the seventh article in our Business Ownership Series

In this article, I’m going to cover the skill of Managing Quality

Quality is probably one of the most underrated and misunderstood skills and systems you’ll need as a business owner.

Everyone has heard of the concept of STANDARDS – International or Australian standards cover many products and services and describe effectively a minimum standard for that market segment.

But small business need not get overly complicated nor invest substantial funds in a quality system.

There are basically three key areas you need to consider:

1.   Setting your quality standard

2.   How you check quality

3.   How you correct quality when it doesn’t reach the standard you want.

A quality standard is literally a description of the ideal product or service in your business. It is the standard by which all production is judged and which you check against on a regular basis.

Once you’ve set a standard, and checked it regularly you need to remember when you correct any quality issue it has to be both in the product or service AND the person who created that specific product or service.

Don’t leave quality until last, or expect it to just happen.

Put in a simple quality system with these three elements and you’ll be one step further towards running a successful business.

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See you in the next article.

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