Genex # 6 – Managing People

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Welcome to the sixth article in our Business Ownership Series

In this article, I’m going to cover the skill of managing people.

When you begin to deal with people in your business – whether they be suppliers, clients or staff you enter one of the most difficult areas of being a business owner.

You’re not dealing with a piece of paper, or a process or system. You’re dealing with a three dimensional living being with their own personality, skills and values.

You have to find the right people to work with you, and then you have to manage them brilliantly to get what you need done, and enjoy a good culture along the way.

Then when you overlay employment legislation over the top of this, you can see why many business owners get into trouble in this area of their business.

There are three phases to managing people:

1.   Hiring them

2.   Managing them

3.   Exiting them

Natasha Hawker, who is the founder of Employee Matters and the author of the book – “From Hire to Fire and Everything in Between” explains that these three stages are good dividers of the skills, systems and processes you need as a business owner to make it all go right.

Check out the book, and you’ll be one step further along the path to success as a business owner.

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See you in the next article.

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