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What motivates people to start a business later in life? For many, it may be a case of fulfilling a dream that was simply impractical earlier in life, due to family or financial circumstances. For others, it might be a desire to take a new direction in life after becoming stagnant in their current job or being made redundant. What yours?

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If you’d like to find out if you’re ready for business ownership, complete the business ready scorecard and then download this free e-book which explains 10 key things you have to know before you start a business and the benchmark you’ve just completed.

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Buy our NEW Book – Generation Experience – and start your journey to business ownership. This link will help you purchase an e-book in PDF format, or formats for reading with either ibooks or kindle. If you would like a physical book, please fill in our general contact form and we will organise to send you one. The physical book is $34.95 plus postage and handling of $10.

Generation Experience - NEW Hunter Leonard

  • Blue Frog Marketing Pty Ltd
  • March 13, 2018
  • 216 pages

Starting a business at 40 and beyond?

Silver & Wise has books, workshops and online learning programs to help mature individuals who are starting their first business at 40 or beyond.

There are free resources on this website such as benchmarks, blog articles and a knowledge centre. Take advantage of these, and when you’re ready purchase our Founder’s book – Generation Experience, or sign up for one of our workshops or online courses.

We look forward to meeting you.

Many mature people in the 40+ age bracket decide to run their own business after a life in corporate work, or because they’ve found getting another job difficult after a redundancy or change in work circumstances.

The experience and wisdom of these individual is unquestioned, but many are very specialised in their skill set, and have never run a business before and don’t necessarily know where to start. This is where we come in.

Because we’re in the business of creating prosperous business owners, all of our products and services are designed in a step-by-step pathway to orient you to what is needed to become a successful business owner.

At each stage, from our Founder’s book to our scorecards and courses and workshops, you will be given resources and tools to allow you to DO IT YOURSELF.

Our Advanced Business Ownership Programs is an invitation only program made available to those who need extra support on their journey to successful business ownership and have what it takes to complete this rigorous planning and training. In these programs, we provide expert coaches and advisors to accompany you on the path to success.

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