Mature Age Tech Dummy – don’t think so jack!!

One of the common themes expressed as a justification of not choosing mature age workers – those aged 45-64 years – is a perception they are not up to speed with technology.

Well excuse me for pointing out a few facts on this matter.

I am 51 years old and the first computer I used was an Apple II when our school had a computer fund raiser when all students walked 15 or 30k’s to raise money to buy some for the library.

I’ve used laptops since my first full time job in sales, and can confidently use every office and adobe program and any app I need to. And quite a significant number of people my age are exactly the same.

Most of us were in our teens or twenties when computers started becoming part of our lives.

Can all of us write code, or use design programs – well no.

But we’re a pretty capable bunch, and for 99% of jobs more than able to learn new programs(which is rare) and transition to a new computer (the keyboards are the same) and search the web for what we need.

So let’s just cut the justifications and speak the truth that in recruitment there is an age bias that has no foundation, and the maturity, experience, knowledge and loyalty of mature age workers is being wasted because a bunch of people for some reason don’t like a little gray hair hanging around their funked up, youthful, energetic office.

Silver & Wise is setting about harnessing the experience and knowledge of mature age Australians, and I’m pretty confident that their productivity and value to our organisation is going to be damn good.

And along the way we’re going to change their lives for the better by recognising what they can do, and not what they supposedly can’t.

Stay tuned, and long live experience.


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Hunter Leonard

Hunter Leonard is the founder and CEO of Silver&Wise. He is best known for helping large businesses with marketing strategy, including Bluescope Steel, NAB, Bendigo Bank and Melbourne Brick. Hunter is the author of several hard-hitting books aimed at educating business owners on the subject of marketing. Hunter is a 6 times winner of AMI Marketing Excellence Awards as well as being a Certified Practising Marketer.

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