First business at 40+

Silver & Wise is dedicated to helping mature age Aussies start their first business after 40+.

Because we’re in the business of creating prosperous successful business owners, all of
our products and services are designed in a manner to gradually orient you to what is
needed to become a successful business owner.

At each stage, from our Founder’s book to our scorecards and workshops, you will
be given resources and tools to allow you to DO IT YOURSELF.

Our larger programs are made available to those who want some extra help, but
there is no obligation to purchase these programs. You won’t learn more in them,
but you will get more help.

In other words, what we know is made fully available to you at all stages.

The only difference is in the pricing of programs – the more help you want from
us, the higher the investment. But equally, if you’re a self starter, you can access
our knowledge and programs for a lower fee.