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Welcome to the Silver and Wise Knowledge Centre.

We’ve created this to provide answers to some of the most common and burning questions that aspiring mature business owners ask us.

If you have a question about starting a business in your 40’s and beyond, feel free to send it to us, and if appropriate we’ll add it here
for the benefit of other business owners like yourself.

In the meantime, click on the link to any of the questions below – seek and ye shall find 🙂

1. I’m thinking of starting a business, what should I do FIRST?
2. Where do I get business ideas from?
3. I’m confused about how to market my business. Where do I start?
4. My social media isn’t working. What should I do?
5. How do I protect my business idea?
6. How do I price my product/service?
7. How do I research my business idea?
8. How much does starting a business cost?
9. What do I need to include in a business plan?
10. I’m ready to hire staff, what do I do first?