Advisory Board

Wayne Bishop


Wayne Bishop is an experienced management consultant specialising in helping mature age individuals transition out of their current workplace into the next phase of their career. He focusses not only on their business life, but in fact all aspects of their life to ensure they have a plan for what comes next. Wayne works with many organisations who want to not only optimise the value of their mature age staff, but also care about helping them make a transition to the next stage. Whether that be part time work, retirement, volunteering or starting their own business.

Cheryle Walker

cheryle walker Business Profile

Cheryle Walker is an innovative and endlessly optimistic Digital Learning Strategist with a career history in sales, marketing and business development.  She has worked and played in the oil, manufacturing, franchising, retail, fast food, bakery, directories advertising, local government, federal government agency, childcare, aged care and financial services industries.

Cheryle has been described as an entrepreneur able to work within a corporate structure, extending capability and learning culture inside some of the largest organisations within Australia.  Her breadth of industry experience combined with a valuable understanding of emerging and current technologies for learning has enabled her to achieve ambitious change initiatives and execute strategies that stick.

Kane Hooper


Kane is an experienced C level executive with a strong combination of strategic skills and the ability to accelerate growth in businesses through drastically improving sales and the sale process. He has consulted to a wide range of businesses in the $1m to $60m+ space which is the exact business ownership space we will be working in with Silver & Wise Mature Age Business Owners.