About Silver & Wise

Silver & Wise is Australia’s leading organisation in the mature age business ownership market.

As a society, we’re wasting this talent and experience – one mature age Aussie at a time.

Our goal is to change the lives of mature age Aussies through business ownership.

Silver & Wise is dedicated to changing this with the following programs:

  • Building a dedicated mature age team of licensed and trained strategic  advisors
  • Making available our unique and practical Business Ownership Program for mature age Australians who want to start their own business

Believe it or not, from what will be a relatively boutique business, helping perhaps a few thousand people become business owners, Silver & Wise can have a major $billion dollar impact on the economy because of the flow on effects of ensuring mature age individuals remain productive through their mature years(defined as 45-64 years of age). Productive people earn income, pay taxes, and if they run businesses they also employ people. Add to that avoiding a dependence on social benefits, and the reduction of the emotional and physical health issues that dog unproductive mature people.

The Human Rights Commission references several models from companies like Deloitte which calculate a $48bn increase in GDP from getting just 5% of the mature age demographic back into productive employment.